• Medical image processing, computer vision, machine learning
  • Image reconstruction, registration, segmentation
  • Image-guided surgery and radiation therapy
  • Imaging biomarker, big data, bioinformatics

        • Current Projects

          • MRI-guided gynecological cancer brachytherapy (NCI)
          • AI-based personalized radiation therapy planning
          • AI-based automatic tumor/normal tissue segmentation
          • Machine learning prediction for radiation-induced normal tissue toxicity

          Completed Projects

          • Multi-modal image synthesis for registration, segmentation, and MRI-based radiotherapy planning (NIBIB)
          • Lung cancer early diagnosis using biomarkers from multiple platforms (JHU Discovery Award, Allegheny Health Network-Johns Hopkins Cancer Research Fund)
          • Development of a software-based x-ray scatter correction algorithm for digital radiography (Rayence Inc.)
          • Advanced cone-beam CT reconstruction incorporating prior CT images in radiotherapy (Elekta)